Sustainable and Responsible E-scooter Business Launches for the UK market

High quality sales, servicing and technical support is backed by a drive to educate users on responsible riding

E-Motion MicroMobility has launched with exclusive rights nationwide to sell the exciting range of INOKIM e-scooters that deliver exciting and fun alternative to personal transport, but also provide a greener solution to urban and final mile commuting.

The business offers the full suite of durable and lightweight INOKIM e-scooters, built on class-leading design and engineering and backed up with full servicing facilities, spare parts and technical expertise.

Operating from their workshop at the Lady Bee Enterprise Centre in the heart of the port at Shoreham, the ethos is all about safe and responsible riding that is both sustainable and secure.  Rather than just sell scooters, the owners want to prove the benefits to personal mobility and the wider community.

We want to reduce car transport in urban environments, with all the issues of pollution and cost-prohibitive parking that come with it, “says Chris Taylor, Managing Director of Emotion Micromobility. “E-scooters can play a vital role in this, but we also believe that owners can demonstrate responsibility through safe adoption in designated areas.

We want to educate and support riders to ride aware of their surroundings and demonstrate the clear benefits to personal mobility and the wider community.”

Chris, together with joint owner, Simon Bowen shares the INOKIM philosophy of fun, practical and sustainable transport solutions. They are passionate about driving the change towards cleaner urban environments.

Kfir Ben Shooshan, CEO INOKIM Global said:  “INOKIM is here not only to sell scooters but to educate the public about safe riding practice and advise the regulators on adequate infrastructure”

Yoshi Bluth VP Biz Dev of INOKIM Global added: “We have been operating in the U.K. since 2017, even before scooters were regulated and recognized as a crucial part of solving urban congestion and the redefinition of personal mobility says, we feel that the partnership between INOKIM and EMOTION is a guarantee for delivering a new standard of customer success”

For more information, visit or call 0333 404 1111 or email